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Classroom and Methodologies

Workshop – Writing Stations

Classroom and Methodologies

Workshop – Showcase the Creative Passion in your Teaching

English and Technology, English Language Training

Workshop – Using Technology in Interactive Training

English Language Training, Must Read

Workshop – Problem-Solving Group Discussions

Classroom and Methodologies, English Language Training, Events and Activities

Workshop – Problem-Solving Activities

Classroom and Methodologies, Classroom Tales, English Language Training, Events and Activities, Learning and Skills Development, Topics

Workshop – Social Media in the EFL Classroom

English Language Training, Multimedia, Videos

Video – KU Training Day

English Language Training, Learning and Skills Development

KU Training Day

Classroom and Methodologies, Learning and Skills Development

Developing Life Skills through Emotional Literacy

Business and Management, Must Read, Quick Tips, Topics

Advantages of Emotional Intelligence

Business and Management, Quick Tips

Aspects on Emotional Intelligence

Learning and Skills Development, World View

Benefits of studying a technical career

Classroom and Methodologies, English Language Training, Learning and Skills Development, Must Read, Topics

Assessment: Show What You Know!

Business and Management, Quick Tips, Topics, World View

Vocational Training

Classroom and Methodologies, English and Technology

Schools and the proper use of technology

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