Category: Classroom Tales

Facing the 21st Century Education

by Erick Mariano Izaguirre “Why do I need to study this? What for do I need to know this? How is this going to help me in the future?” Do […]

Words beyond Rote Learning

By Yara Torrez Without words, there is no communication. One of the primary objectives of a language learner is and should be to increase their vocabulary, but how? The teacher […]

E-Papers: Teachers’ Treasure Trove

By James Cordonero  When it comes to using realia in an English class, there is no other resource more updated, readily available, and abundant than online news. Nevertheless, teaching a […]

Fostering Creativity in the EFL Classroom

Albert Einstein said that creativity is intelligence having fun, thus the essential meaning of creativity entails the concept of producing something new, innovative, unique, and original, as much as it […]

Three Korean Girls

by Sherri There were these three Korean girls. They walked into my college preparation classroom and I noticed them immediately. They were a great wall of frowns, a unified front, […]

Pearson English Interactive

by Alfieri Avilan Academic Consultant Central America & the Caribbean The new learning era has turned into a great dilemma that has taken a whole decade to begin to understand, its […]

Teaching Tales – Humor in the Classroom

By Thomas Fleming, Mount Aloysius College What makes something sound or look humorous? Is it Semantics? Is it Cultural? Does it have to do with Pragmatics? Why can we detect/enjoy […]