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Art History is our Own History

By Genesis Hernandez Nunez, AEP Student, Keiser International Language Institute When people see and analyze a painting, a drawing, or a sculpture, they do not only stand in front of some pieces of art, but they also behold a society, an exact moment in time, a specific topic, and a range of different issues. For

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Five to 5

Is speaking necessary to find love? The short film was recorded for the second meeting of Kino Managua Movement Credits Production: Arielka Juarez (AEP Student) Director: Bismark Martinez Photograph Director: Nicolas Abaunza Production designer: Grace González Sound Engineer: Stephan Pillon. Script: Jhon Matamoros

The Importance of English in Today’s Society 

by AEP Level 6 Students (May 2016) It is paramount to speak English nowadays since it gives all kinds of opportunities in communication, life quality, and education. First of all, English breaks down communication barriers because it is a lingua franca. In other words, English is the most commonly used language among foreign language speakers. Throughout

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ELT Certification Sucesss Story

by Carlos Barreras Josef Albers once said that “good teaching is more a giving of right questions than a giving of right answers.” This is a quote that very accurately describes why I enrolled in the English Language Teaching (ELT) certification program provided by Keiser University. It also describes how all the incredible capable instructors

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AEP Students’ Responses to Reading

by Level 4 AEP students (Jan 2014) As a writing task, an instructor asked her students in level four of the AEP (Academic English Program) to write a brief response about their reading habits and their viewpoints on the reading culture in Nicaragua. They ended up submitting the following reactions: Most people in Nicaragua do

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TEFL Students’ Performance of Gueguense Play

by Roger Calderon, Seydi Rosales, and Katherine Espinoza (FAREM-Carazo TEFL Major) “El Güegüense”, originally composed in a mixture of Spanish and Nahuatl, is one of the oldest and most representative theatrical works in Nicaraguan culture.  The play shows the rejection of  Spanish  domination by mocking and ridiculing colonial authority. At UNAN-MANAGUA, FAREM – CARAZO  a

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The Use of Web Apps at the AEP

by Francisco Morales For many years, I have been using a variety of devices and applications to improve my skills and productivity as a doctor. I think of technology as a toolbox which helps us in everyday life as soon as we understand how and where to use it. Recently, as a student in the Academic English

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Our Art vs. Craft Experience

Level 7 & 8 Students (June 2015) Students from levels 7 and 8 of the Academic English Program had the chance to present their Art and Craft projects. The project consisted of elaborating both a sewn piece of cloth to craft a quilt and a painting that later they had to show and tell to

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