Level 7 & 8 Students (June 2015)

Students from levels 7 and 8 of the Academic English Program had the chance to present their Art and Craft projects. The project consisted of elaborating both a sewn piece of cloth to craft a quilt and a painting that later they had to show and tell to the rest of their classmates. Besides, they posted their artistic creation on the Language Institute bulletin board.  Altogether, students experienced and tried to transmit their emotions through art and craft. Below you will read individual comments from their experiences in the order of appearance in the picture starting from left to right.

All is about different perceptions. Every single work includes both art and craft because we usually require instructions, but we also let ourselves flow. As Mary-Frances said, “My art is what I make; my craft is the skills I have learned to do it well.” –Camilo Zeledón, “The Tree of Life”.

I enjoy studying mathematics for long hours, so I do not usually spend time doing recreational activities. However, I had always wanted to meet the artist within me, and thanks to this terrific experience I was able to achieve it. –Adonis Gómez, “Peaceful Bedroom”.

‘’ Beyond the eyes ‘’ was how I called my artwork. You can perceive it as a simple painting, but it has an important message that I wanted to transmit through it. What I experienced while I was painting it was that my imagination, feelings, and mood influenced it. As a result, I got an extraordinary vision of the world I desire to live. When I saw the painting, I felt like in another world where everyone is different in the way of thinking.  People being open minded never limit themselves to achieve as desired. I’m pretty sure that once you admire ‘‘Beyond the eyes”, you will feel a bond between you and the painting-Lineth Castillo, “Beyond the eyes.”

My experience in this project was very satisfactory because I learned many differences between these types of art. Also, at the moment you begin to do your work, you start to wonder and ask yourself if it is art or craft.-Indira Olivas, “Songs mixed with colors.”

I liked the activity since it was new to me. I had never painted nor sewed, but my quilt and painting looked beautiful. Now, I can say that I have talent, and I can get a job as a craftsperson. –Mario Sandoval,  “Mix of Colors“.

I felt euphoric since I did a good job with my quilt and painting. Also, I liked the activity because I learned how to sew and paint. I expressed some feelings in the painting such as optimism and perseverance. –Kevin Pérez, “Never Give Up”.

My art-and-craft experience was amazing since I learned how to transform a poem into a painting by relating my feelings to it. Nevertheless, beholding my art-and-craft work was just astonishing because they created more feelings on me than the ones I was expecting. –Abner Sándigo, “Ms. Moon.”