A highlight of the NICATESOL Conference 2015 was the keynote address delivered by the President of ANPI, Mr. Franklin Tellez, to whom the English Insider staff would like to congratulate on organizing such a fine conference. From all accounts, it was well organized and rich in content with a diverse set of speakers and enthusiastic participants from all over the country. Below is the full transcript of Mr. Tellez’ speech:

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the National Conference 2015: “NO ONE LEFT BEHIND: LEADING THE FUTURE OF EDUCATION IN ELT”.

The ANPI organizing committee is happy to see all of you here learning and sharing together during these two days of the conference. Volunteers from different institutions and different countries have prepared a series of workshops and plenary sessions for you and your students.

During my term as President of ANPI, I have learned and I have experienced the willingness of all the teachers to improve. I have also seen the great effort you make for your professional development.

Today, we are here together, because we believe in a bilingual country. We believe in our professional development, and we believe in our students dreams. We are here, because we want to learn to be leaders in the classrooms.

The presenters include experienced English teachers, professors, International consultants, The BNC from Costa Rica, Mexico, Peace Corps Volunteers and their counterparts. All of them have extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of English Language Teaching.

ANPI has worked quite hard bringing training to all the regions; we have done our best to support your teaching and your professional development.

I can tell you that ANPI has changed. We are a solid organization. We are the key of a Bilingual Nicaragua, and we have grown and improved for our students and ourselves.

We are looking forward to an enjoyable time here with you and hope that this event will be a learning experience that you will share with your students and other colleagues.

Thank you once again for coming and have a great conference!

Yours truly,
Franklin Téllez President of ANPI 2014-2015