As members of the editing team of the English Insider bimonthly newsletter, we would like to pass on our most sincere appreciation to all the work and effort that ANPI (Association of Nicaraguan English Teachers) and various educational institutions put into the organization of the annual Nicaraguan TESOL conference.

Because of the paramount importance of that event for English instructors nationwide, we could not afford to miss the chance to attend it neither as presenters nor as a one-member team novice reporter. Prior to publishing our third issue of our online newsletter, one of the editors, armed with a camera and a notepad, set out to cover the event to collect information relevant to the state of affairs in English teaching in Nicaragua and gather opinions from several participants.

The Minister of Education, Miguel de Castilla, reiterated the valuable contribution the conference makes to the improvement of English teaching in our country and the pivotal role that the English language plays in modern society. In his speech given in the opening ceremony, he stated that “English is an essential tool to learn how to learn…and to continue learning beyond the traditional classrooms.”

The following viewpoints expressed by some of the attendees can also attest to the significance the NICATESOL conference has for most TEFL instructors in terms of enhancing their pedagogical skills, improving their English, and growing professionally.

What do you think is the most beneficial aspect of the NICATESOL conference?