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Blended Learning: Using technology in and beyond the language classroom

Pete Sharma & Barney Barrett Macmillan Publishers Limited Oxford, England   Review Blended Learning introduces teachers into the use of technology inside and outside the classroom. Though there is no […]

E-Papers: Teachers’ Treasure Trove

By James Cordonero  When it comes to using realia in an English class, there is no other resource more updated, readily available, and abundant than online news. Nevertheless, teaching a […]

Reaping the value of GSE and the GSE Teacher Toolkit

May 25, 2016 Updated 7 July, 2016 My goal as a classroom teacher is to do the best I can to make sure my content is meeting the needs of […]

How to use the GSE to enhance and improve English assessments

July 6, 2016 The Global Scale of English has been a great support and a positive change for my practice. As I previously discussed, the GSE can be used in […]

Teaching meaningfully or covering textbook content?

by James Cordonero, Keiser International Language Institute For those of us working in education, teaching a class that is meaningful to our students can turn out to be an elusive […]

A Word on Assessment

by Jose Luis Garcia, Keiser University Language Institute When evaluating students’ performance in the language classroom, teachers cannot just rely on testing as the primary source of progress. A student […]

What Role Do Teachers Play in the ELT classroom?

by Maria del Carmen Gonzalez, Keiser University Language Institute Are you aware of your real role as a teacher in the ELT classroom? Nobody likes being observed or followed by […]

Enhancing Language Learning Through the Use of Technology

by Charles Gil Technology has become part of the learning process for all students around the world. The importance of such tool in the learning process is undeniable, and so […]

To Read or Not to Read? That is the Question.

By James Cordonero “Reading is the beacon without which I’ll be adrift in an ocean of ignorance.” James Cordonero In this day and age, digital technology, video games and internet […]

ELT From the Experts’ Perspective

by ELT Trainers Learners should take advantage of every single learning opportunity to improve and learn from the experienced ones.  That is exactly what happened on Friday, September 11th, when […]

Edmodo – Breaking the Barriers of Space and Time

by Bosco Bonilla Every teacher and school is always looking for an effective way to engage students, connect with them, coach them and finally help them become better learners. Edmodo […]

The Chat Club – An Educational Adventure through the Looking Glass

by Zee Valey-Omar The conversation club was created primarily to address the needs of graduates of the English for Professional Development program at the Language Institute for further development and […]

The Best Way to Learn English? Just Make it Fun!

by Bethany Vilchez You are sitting in a classroom and the teacher is filling the board with grammar rules about comparative adjectives.  You are trying so hard to pay attention, […]

Book Review – Essential Teacher Knowledge

Book Title: Essential Teacher Knowledge Author: Jeremy Harmer Year of Publication: 2012 Publisher: Pearson       Review by Jose Tapia When you hear that Jeremy Harmer has published a […]